About MeritKapital

MeritKapital Ltd (MeritKapital) is a Cyprus based, CySEC licensed investment firm (#077/06). MeritKapital has a predominantly fixed income focus, specifically within the emerging market Eurobond sphere. It has established a network of buy side clients amongst the emerging market jurisdictions it has a niche, but also within the western capital markets to capitalize on players that drive respective flows.

The firm recorded a number of notable developments that have placed it on the global industry map and had simultaneously led to solid and progressive growth. Following Troika’s bailout of the Cyprus banking industry MeritKapital had become the largest trader of distressed bailed in Bank of Cyprus deposits and established significant relationships with US buy side funds to facilitate such trades.

In 2015, MeritKapital acted as a co-underwriter of an indirect subsidiary of the Kazakh sovereign wealth fund to mark the first Eurobond to be denominated in Kazakh tenge and to be settle-able on euroclear and clearstream plaftorms Moreover, MeritKapital’s asset management business withstood the subprime and euro-debt crisis through a predominantly fixed income strategy that aims for capital preservation and steady returns.

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The Team

Persella Ioannides

Persella has an MBA and an MS in Financial Engineering from Columbia University and a BS in Mathematics and Statistics from Bristol University. She spent three years as a risk manager for Morgan Stanley’s institutional equity derivatives desk in New York. In 2007, Persella set up Meritkapital, an FCA and CySEC licensed investment firm with an initial focus on asset management and investment advice. Since, she has progressively grown the firm’s product offerings to include proprietary trading, brokerage, custody and the underwriting business and has worked towards building the firm’s global presence. Persella has developed the firm’s niche in the Eurobond fixed income space, particularly in the emerging markets. Her strong relationships with large buy side funds are testament to the positioning of Meritkapital in its field of expertise.

Tariro Taka

Tariro is a qualified legal and compliance professional with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) Honours from the University of Zimbabwe. She is a registered Legal Practitioner, Notary Public, and Conveyancer by the High Court of Zimbabwe, and she's been registered with the CYSEC since 2019, holding both Advanced and AML Certifications. Tariro is also an Associate member of the International Compliance Association (ICA) with 7 years of industry experience. She has climbed through the ranks within the Risk and Compliance department of MeritKapital to the role of MLRO. Tari coordinates internal seminars focused on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) certifications, fostering alignment within her team with evolving standards in the compliance industry.

Denis Kozlov

Denis is an accomplished professional with a BE degree in Automated Software Systems for Business. He brings seventeen years of experience in sales, business development, client relations, and brand management, with a decade of expertise in the financial technology industry. He has held pivotal roles at Dedotec, Compel, Eltoma Corporate Services, MetaQuotes, OneZero Financial Systems, and is currently the Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Devexperts. Separately, Denis held junior championships title of Lithuania in cross country skiing.

Antonis Papaevagorou

Antonis holds a bachelor's degree in management information systems from the University of Nicosia. With a deep understanding of the fintech and financial services industry, he specializes in B2B sales and SaaS-oriented services. Antonis embarked on his professional journey as the Head of IT and Sales at TTCM Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd. His dedication and expertise propelled him to the position of Director of European Sales at Metaquotes Software Corp, where he played a pivotal role in expanding the company's reach. Currently, Antonis serves as the Global Sales Director of Impact Tech Ltd, a testament to his leadership and sales acumen in the industry.

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