Legal Documentation Services

MeritKapital can assist in the issuance of securities, either in the form of equity or debt, to facilitate client’s capital raising needs. MeritKapital is also involved with ISIN number generations and the admission of underlying instruments either on generic settlement platforms such as euroclear and clearstream or on smaller, domestic markets. Support may be provided in the drafting of respective business plans and financial projections as well as on the preparation of presentation pitches to clients. Moreover, the underwriting team will liaise closely with the commissioned legal advisors to enable the precise drafting of legal paperwork, such as the Memorandum and Articles of Association, which comprise the underwriting package.

The firm’s underwriting license warrants listings on numerous European exchanges which include the UK, Vienna and Warsaw. MeritKapital is also a registered Nominated Adviser (NOMAD) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange which permits the carrying out of listings on its small-cap company exchange (ECM).