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MeritKapital has established a significant presence in the global financial landscape through its substantial achievements and strategic initiatives. Key accomplishments include:

In the aftermath of the Cyprus banking crisis, MeritKapital rose to prominence as the principal trader of distressed Bank of Cyprus deposits, a development that was instrumental in forging critical partnerships with prominent US buy-side funds, thereby enhancing its role in facilitating complex financial transactions.

In a landmark move in 2015, MeritKapital served as a co-underwriter for an indirect subsidiary of the Kazakh sovereign wealth fund. This endeavour was notable for introducing the first Eurobond denominated in Kazakh tenge that was also settle-able on the Euroclear and Clearstream platforms, marking a significant milestone in international finance.

MeritKapital's asset management division has demonstrated resilience and strategic foresight, particularly during periods of financial uncertainty such as the subprime and euro-debt crises. The division's focus on a predominantly fixed income strategy, aimed at capital preservation and the achievement of steady returns, has been a testament to its commitment to stability and prudent financial management.

These developments underscore MeritKapital’s capacity for innovation, its ability to navigate complex financial landscapes, and its commitment to the principles of stability and strategic growth in the face of global financial challenges.


Investment Advice & Portfolio Management (License)

Custody & Brokerage
(License Extension)

Dealing on Own
(License Extension)

Membership of the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Successfully dealt tens of millions of distressed debt of Bank of Cyprus.

Underwriting (License Extension)

Acted as a Eurobond underwriter for an indiret subsidiary of the Kazakh sovereign wealth fund.

Extended relationships with big Buy-side funds.

Launched Fixed Income Fund (MFIF)

Solid financial year for firm predominantly benefiting from the fixed income bull market.

Amongst the record financial years for the company

Opening of an office in Lagos Nigeria, awaiting for a license from the Nigerian SEC

Focus on Distressed trading

Record financial year